Song List:

Jerry Salley, one of music row’s greatest veteran tunesmiths, marked his 35th year in the Nashville music business with his 4th solo album, Front Porch Philosophy.  The 12 track album, filled with brand new songs, was co-written by Salley and some of the best bluegrass writers/artists in the business such as Carl Jackson, Donna Ulisse, Irene Kelley, Tammy Roger-King, Cody Farrar and other amazingly talented writers.  Salley once again showed his ability to put songs together with thoughtful lyrics and  powerful melodies.

The first single from the album, “The Night Flatt & Scruggs Played Carnegie Hall”, tells the story of the day Jerry’s dad brought home the Flatt & Scruggs At Carnegie Hall album – a memorable day for young Jerry and an historic event for bluegrass music.  Playing the banjo on the track is special guest and co-writer Carl Jackson.  To pay homage to his long time buddy, Jerry wrote the song “If I Could Play Guitar Like Carl Jackson”, a true-to-life story that will keep you laughing all of the way through!

The title cut, “Front Porch Philosophy”(Salley/Bill Whyte), takes you back to the days when the front porch was the gathering place for the family to listen to dad, “Everybody and the dog would listen every time he started to speak”.  “Nothing Here But Home” (Salley/ Rebecca Lynn Howard/Eli Hoffman), one of the few ballads on the album, distinctly describes the story of a small town that has been disserted due to the loss of industry jobs. As Jerry has done on each of his past projects, he included two gospel songs on this album, “Pullin’ A Heavy Load” (Salley/Donna Ulisse) and “The Son In Your Eyes” (Salley/Dustin Benson).  In a true songwriter’s fashion, Salley penned “Thin Blue Line” (Salley/Irene Kelley) , “Things People Say On Planes “ (Salley/Tammy Rogers King), and “There’s  Not Always Next Year” (Salley/James Robert Webb).  Each with story lines not typically found in bluegrass, they add a wonderful freshness to Front Porch Philosophy!

Song List:
The Night Flatt & Scruggs Played Carnegie Hall
(Jerry Salley/Carl Jackson)
Nothing Here But Home
(Jerry Salley/Rebecca Lynn Howard/Eli Hoffman)
Front Porch Philosophy
(Jerry Salley/Bill Whyte)
Pullin’ A Heavy Load
(Jerry Salley/Donna Ulisse)
Thin Blue Line
(Jerry Salley/Irene Kelley)
Things People Say On Planes
(Jerry Salley/Tammy Rogers King)
A New Spin On An Old Heartache
(Jerry Salley/Alex Dooley)
There’s Not Always Next Year
(Jerry Salley/James Robert Webb)
A Guitar For A Gun
(Jerry Salley/Cody Farrar)
If I Could Play Guitar Like Carl Jackson
(Jerry Salley)
The Son In Your Eyes
(Jerry Salley/Dustin Benson)
Leavin’ Lonely
(Jerry Salley/Daniel Kleindienst)

Showing his bluegrass roots, and with his five-year-old granddaughter gracing the cover, “Gospel From My Grassroots” (released October 2015) is Jerry’s first all bluegrass gospel album. It shines with 13 original, heartfelt tunes that range from the energetic, up-tempo song “How High Is That Mountain,” to the brand new finger-snapping acappella song, “Just Drink The Water.” Jerry breathes new life into these self-penned songs, most of which have been previously recorded by bluegrass and gospel greats. Guest vocalist Steven Curtis Chapman sings with Jerry on an acoustic, stripped-down translation of their co-written gospel classic, “His Strength Is Perfect,” and IBMA Female Vocalist Of The Year, Dale Ann Bradley, lends her warm angelic voice to “Send The Angels Down,” a song that she previously recorded. The project also includes Jerry’s original versions of “It’s Not What You Know” and “You Don’t Have To Go Home,” which have been recorded multiple times in the bluegrass and gospel worlds; and “I Want To Thank You,” a #1 song for Karen Peck and New River.

Song List:
How High Is That Mountain
(Jerry Salley/James I. Elliott)
Every Scar
(Jerry Salley/Gina Boe/Lee Black)
It’s Not What You Know
(Jerry Salley/Carl Jackson)
Saving Grace
(Jerry Salley/Aaron Wilburn)
The Cross On The Right
(Jerry Salley/Max T. Barnes)
The Preacher And The Stranger
(Jerry Salley/Carl Cartee)
Just Drink The Water
(Jerry Salley/Gina Boe/Lee Black)
All Dressed Up
(Jerry Salley/Dianne Wilkinson)
Mountain View Missionary Baptist Church
(Jerry Salley/Lisa Shaffer)
Send The Angels Down
(Jerry Salley/Sheila Stephen)
His Strength Is Perfect
(Jerry Salley/Steven Curtis Chapman)
You Don’t Have To Go Home
(Jerry Salley/Larry Cordle/Larry Shell)
I Want To Thank You
(Jerry Salley/Rusty Golden)

Released in 2012, Showing My Age was Jerry’s first album released on Very Jerry Records label. The highly-anticipated album features 13 tracks that appeal to lovers of Americana, gospel, bluegrass, and country. While it contains some songs that have never before been recorded, others are his own take on hits he has penned for chart-topping artists such as Reba, Brad Paisley, The Isaacs, The Lonesome River Band, Joey & Rory and more!

Song List:
Comin’ Home To You
(Jerry Salley/Chris Stapleton)
Paper And Pen
(Jerry Salley/Allison Mellon)
Showing My Age
(Jerry Salley/Brandon Rickman)
The Best Thing I had Goin’
(Jerry Salley/Chris Stapleton)
The Broken Ones
(Jerry Salley/JB Rudd/Vip Vipperman)
He Carried Her Mem’ry
(Jerry Salley/Jim McBride)
That’s Just Me Loving You
(Jerry Salley/Lisa Shaffer)
Where I’m Coming From
(Jerry Salley Kerry Kurt Phillips)
Close To Crazy
(Jerry Salley/Melba Montgomery)
It’ll Get You Where You’re Going
(Jerry Salley/Kelley Lovelace)
That’s All That Matters To Me
(Jerry Salley/Dee Gaskin)
Back Then
(Jerry Salley/Rusty Tabor/Lance Miller)
Five O’clock Shadow
(Jerry Salley/Jim Rushing)

Jerry’s CD, “New Songs, Old Friends”, feature friends Vince Gill, Doyle Lawson, Del McCoury, Rhonda Vincent, Ricky Skaggs & Sharon White, Alecia Nugent, The Oak Ridge Boys, Darryl Worley, Jamie Johnson (of the Grascals), Sonya Isaacs, Carl Jackson, Larry Cordle, Lisa Shaffer and Keith & Wendy Sewell. The CD includes all songs written by Jerry, with different “friends” singing with him on each cut. The 2007 album was released by Mountain Home Music Company.

Song List:
Wide Open
(Jerry Salley/Steve Ivey)
guest vocalists:  Vince Gill & Doyle Lawson
For Me It’s You
(Jerrry Salley/Lance Miller/Dave Turnbull)
guest vocalist: Alecia Nugent
John In The Jordan
(Jerry Salley/Rusty Golden)
guest vocalists:  The Oak Ridge Boys
That’s What You Call A Friend
(Jerry Salley/Adam Harvey/Rod McCormack)
guest vocalist:  Darryl Worley
Flat Rock Road
(Jerry Salley/Chad Jeffers)
guest vocalists:  Jamie Johnson & Lisa Shaffer
Under A Lonesome Moon
(Jerry Salley/Glen Duncan)
guest vocalist: Del McCoury
God Did It
(Jerry Salley/Greg Day)
guest vocalist:  Sonya Isaacs
The Distance
(Jerry Salley/Wil Nance)
guest vocalist:  Rhonda Vincent
I’m Gonna Take That Mountain
(Jerry Salley/Melissa Peirce)
guest vocalists:  Carl Jackson & Larry Cordle
The More I Learn
(Jerry Salley/Charley Stefl)
Fault Line
(Jerry Salley/Keith Sewell)
guest vocalists:  Keith Sewell & Wendy Sewell
The Pieces Are Coming Together
(Jerry Salley/Carl Jackson)
guest vocalist: Alecia Nugent
(Jerry Salley/Dan Demay)
guest vocalists:  Ricky Skaggs & Sharon White
His Record Is On High
(Jerry Salley/Larry Cordle)
guest vocalists:  Carl Jackson & Larry Cordle